Strategies to Play Roulette

Strategies Strategies

Are you planning to get started with roulette? If yes, then why not give it a second thought. While roulette may seem like a complete game of chance, in all fairness, it has strategies that can help you win in quick successions or the long term. However, if you just learned the rules of the game and want to get started with the strategies, then it’s time to reconsider.

The thing with roulette is that you have to play the game to know the game. The theory is helpful, but hands-on experience counts the most. Hence, it is advisable to start playing on free roulette tables online. This helps you develop a style of play that is suited to your conditions. Once you’re moving on with that, that’s when you can apply these strategies to your success!

The Martingale System

Other than flat betting, the Martingale betting system is commonly used in roulette. Martingale system is very effective in short runs as it increases your chances of winning in quick successions. In the Martingale betting system, when you place a bet of $5 and win, then you will place another $5 on the following bet. However, if you place a bet of $5 and lose, then you will double the amount to $10 on the following bet. If you lose again, you double the bet to $20, then $40, $80, and so on until you win a hand. This way, when you play manage to land a winning hand after a series of losses, your net wins will be $10, regardless of the losing hands.

As good as it sounds, the martingale system is only effective in short-term plays. For instance, if you are free for an hour, then head to a roulette table and try out this strategy. Chances are you might end up winning a good sum in a relatively short amount of time. However, the likelihood of losing with the Martingale system is just as big!

Reverse Martingale Strategy

The reverse martingale strategy, as opposed to Martingale, is where you increase the bets when you win and decrease the bets when you lose. In this regard, if you are on a hot streak, you will significantly increase your earnings, and when you hit the speed breaker, your losses will be limited. The reverse martingale strategy is ideal when you are playing on a small minimum and high maximum table. For instance, if you start with $5 and win, then you bet $10 on the following hand. Once you hit a dry patch, bet the original amount you started with and if you ride the losing streak, keep decreasing the bet in each consecutive hand. However, a reverse martingale is only effective in short runs and may result in continuous losses if you are playing in longer runs.

The D'Alembert Strategy

D’Alembert strategy, compared to the predecessors that we just overviewed, is safer. The strategy consists of betting on arithmetic factors rather than geometric factors. For instance, when you lose a hand, instead of betting double, you will increase the bet hand by 1. Being an even chance betting system, it is ideal to place bets on even or odd numbers when using the D’Alembert strategy. In this regard, when you win a hand, you will decrease the bet by 1 for the following hand. For instance, if you start with $5 on black and lose, then you bet $6 on the following hand. If you lost again, you bet $7, then $8. Once you win, you will decrease the hand to $7.

The ideal time to walk away from a roulette table when using this strategy is when you have made as many losses as wins. This will leave you with a positive bankroll and a wide smile on your face!