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No matter your location, whether you are after an online casino Canada site, a NZ casino online, or a UK betting company. We have all the best casinos online for everyone. We have put together the most comprehensive casino reviews ever! We are giving you honest details and to-the-point answers.

All reviews are independent and unless it’s on our list, that casino most likely doesn’t meet our high-demanding criteria. Only the best, safest, and legal casinos are listed right here at The Roulette Player.

About Our Reviews

When you use our service to find your next online casino, you have clarity, information, and honesty. No casino online is ever 100% perfect. No casino is ideal for everyone. Importantly, you will be given the right details to help you find an online gambling service that is right for you.

Our reviews give you the full tour of a casino site. The main areas we cover include:

  • Games
  • Software
  • Bonuses
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Banking
  • Safety & Legal
  • FAQs

If there is anything to know, good or bad, then it’s all highlighted inside our reviews.

Join the Best Casinos Online That You Can Trust

We do what we do because we started out doing exactly what you are doing now, researching for the perfect online casino.

When we started gambling online, the Internet was less crowded in the casino market, but finding websites came with more risks.

Today, it has been flipped. There are infinitely more online casinos on the internet to pick from, and security has improved in the eradication of fake sites.

Nevertheless, we want to guide you to what we consider to be the best online casinos out there.

Safety is key in all of this; it is the foundation of any online casino. Safety starts with the right programming tools. This leads to regulatory approval, and it helps a casino become officially licenced.

We want your gaming foundations to be solid from the start. What you play and how you play is entirely down to you. We just lay the path down to guide you to where you need to be.

Honest on Gambling

Do not gamble if you cannot afford the losses.

Gambling in any form may be jolly adult entertainment, but the price is very real should you be out of luck.

Winning is not handed on a plate, casinos are businesses with an aim to make money. Casinos are regulated to be fair and honest but are not permitted to just give you money.

Games and services are tested regularly to make sure all is fair and fit for use. Winning is still, nevertheless, all about luck. It's about playing the right game at the right time.

No one casino holds the individual jackpots of a game. Online gambling has you playing the same casino games and other online casinos. This means millions of players are after the same jackpot as you, regardless of the casino you join and the country you are in.

Treat it as fun, spend when you can afford it, and pray that luck is on your side. Never chase wins when you are suffering losses. If it doesn’t become fun anymore, then just stop!

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