My Best Memories of Playing Roulette

Hi there folks! I have been playing roulette, let’s just say, for the most part of my whole life, and have been to countless casinos, even Vegas, a couple of times, just to tempt fortune through that roulette spinning wheel. Now I have settled down to playing it online from the comforts of my home, though I go to those bricks and mortar casinos every once in a while with my buddies to invigorate my leisure pursuit.

I have been through bad and good times with this game, some being very good when my luck won me several grand. I am going to fill you in with a casino adventure I had 10 years ago in which I made 12 grand!

It was the time when I went with two of my office colleagues to Los Angeles on a business meeting and to our luck, we managed to close the deal well before we had expected. My colleagues, having the same craving and passion for casinos and especially roulette, and knowing that Vegas was just a 5 hours drive away from us, we planned to go there and spend a day or two full of gambling and drinking and having a good time.

So my big Vegas roulette score (and the best) was at the MGM Grand Casino. I had just got back from the club with my colleagues and had only $100 in my pocket when I happened to walk past a Roulette station. I asked the dealer for chips worth of $1, to which the dealer said it was the $50 minimum table, and that he could only allow $5 denomination chips or greater. I acknowledged this, and got a stack of red chips.

Also, let me tell you that this was one of my first times playing roulette with a European wheel having a single 0. So I thought for a minute and then placed my bets with my fingers crossed on the numbers around the 0 like 19, 12, 26, 35, 3, 15, 26, 32 and 0.

And bam! The ball stood there on the 0 on which I wagered $10 and I instantly won $350. So as with all the gamblers, the craving to win more struck me too; and I betted on the same numbers and I won again, but this time it was number 32. Then for some reason, my instinct told me to bet on my birthday date (which was in fact on the other side of the wheel and didn’t seemed like a good idea), and I switched my wagers and this time placed $25 chips, and boom! $875 in my pocket. So, I placed my next bet on zero with $75 and won again, and now I had total $2800 from my consecutive wins.

By that time, a crowd started to gather around me to witness my winning streak. So with my adrenaline levels hitting the peak of excitement, and in overconfidence, I wagered 7 black chips on zero and a 0 – 3 split and threw 2 more at the last minute on 0. And with my eyes near to popping out, the ball struck 0 and booyah! I won 12 grand. So at that point, I had a total 15 grand from all my wins. By now, my winning streak had convinced me that I can win more and I pressed my bet to $3K around the zero and $1K on the zero. The dealer spun the wheel, the ball jumped right on the zero and stayed there for a few seconds, but then it bounced off and rolled to the other side on which number; can you guess? It was my birth date number!

Anyways, after losing 4 grand, I decided to cash out on what I had before I lost all of it too. So being the big winner of the evening, the pit boss introduced me to a VIP host who told the manager to upgrade my room to a suite which had a great view of the strip, and me and my colleagues did nothing but enjoy the rest of the trip with comps.

As soon as I woke up the next day, I went to the bank to deposit the 10 grand into my account and tried my luck with the 2 grand for the rest of the day, which I lost and won back several times.

So finally my story comes to a happy ending where I left Vegas with 10 grand in my bank account and 2 grand in my wallet! It surely was a lucky day for me to spin the roulette wheel.